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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Minerva Mulford-Adamson

The story behind this picture is actually pretty cool. A school teacher was collecting old picture frames and had a friend that had some that she thought she'd be interested in. The people that had this picture didn't really know who she was and let it go with the frame. The teacher just couldn't bring herself to let the picture go, and held onto it for a few years. This teacher found me on and wanted to know if and how I was related to Minerva Adamson. When it finally got here in the mail was such an exciting day for me....probably the second most exciting day since I started my research.....sometime I'll tell you my most exciting day!! :)

John and Minerva Adamson

Wow...guys I can't believe that it has been almost a whole month since I have updated this. So sorry it's been crazy around my house trying to get the end of school stuff going and getting ready for this craZy summer. Don't forget that the family reunion is coming up soon. If you want information about it and you didn't receive a flyer please email Laura or me. :)

Ok well on we I said before I am still working on Kate's parents and sadly that hasn't changed any still searching. I have undertaken to scan all of the Adamson-Pattee pictures that I have into the computer so I can clean them up and make them ready for if anyone wants digital copies. So thus I haven't had time to delve any further into Kate's past but no fear I am hoping to work on it this summer some more. :)

So John Adamson was born to parents John and Minerva Adamson. John Adamson Sr. was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, that is as much as I know about the beginning of John's life. I have been unable to find where he was born or his parents. I do know that eventually he made his way up the Tioga River and settled in Steuben County. I have not found anything to suggest that he migrated with his parents but on the other hand I haven't found anything to disprove that either. So John's beginning is a mystery for now. So he settles in Steuben County where he meets Miss Minerva Mulford....the doctors daughter.

Minerva H. Mulford was born 24 July 1805 in what is now Lindley, New York. The Proud Parents were Dr. Ezekiel Mulford and the Mrs. Nancy "Anna" Mulford. The Mulford's had 14 children. What an awesome household that must have been to grow up in! Much more to come on the Mulford's at a later date.

John and Minerva met and married sometime before 1836. They lived in Thurston, New York which was formed from Cameron, New York. They had John Jr. in 1836, followed by their son Mulford born in 1842, daughters Louisa in 1843 and Barentha Edith in 1846. As far as I can tell John was a farmer. I am not sure if he played any part in the opening and running of Adamson Steam Saw-Mill that was located in Campell. The mill was owned by John Jr. but maybe he got help from his father, that is speculation on my part. I like to think that maybe John would talk to his Father about the opening and running of the business. John Sr. died somtime before 1891.

The farther we go back in time the harder it is to find the information I am looking for to give a great description of our ancestors but I will keep looking so as the information gets smaller just remember that I am always looking. And sometimes out of the blue I come across the best piece of information that helps break through that brick wall.

Coming soon to a blog near you.....the story of Dr. & Mrs. Mulford.

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