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Arthur and Anna Adamson

Well here is a little bit of interesting information that I now know: Arthur and Anna married in New York sometime before 1892. And had at least three of their children there: Leo, Mary and Walter. They moved to Pennsylvania for awhile where I think they may have had three more children: Dorothy, Gerald and Russell.

Arthur and Anna migrated to Beach, North Dakota around 1910. Where they built a dugout house and then lived in it for another 10 years. The walls and floors were made of dirt and to make it a little more homey they covered the walls with sheets. It was a one room home that could be divided up by the use of hanging curtains. Here they had two more children: Charles and Margaret. They seen children pass and being born in this extraordinary home.

Sometime around 1920 they moved to Bennie Pierre, which I believe but could be wrong, is in North Dakota. There they spent the rest of their days together till Arthur passed away in 1946. Anna moved to Sidney, MT and then followed Arthur in 1949.

I am hoping that we have yet to hear the end of Arthur and Anna's story. I still am reeling from the fact that they lived in a one room dugout house for almost 10 years. With a small story like that I am sure that we have not heard the last of Arthur and his family. What their day to day life must have been like is so fascinating to me. I hope to learn more and share with you all the back story to these wonderful frontiersmen. Just think we had family that "came out west". What wonderful history. And finding these families is truly what keeps me moving forward in my work.

P.S. I know that I had said I would move forward, or back depending on your point of view, and go on to Minerva's parents but this was so exciting for me that I wanted to share with you all right away. So look forward next time to Dr. and Mrs. Mulford's story.


OK all, here is a little update on what's been going on with my research. First, (and this is very cool to me) has a weekly newsletter that goes out to its subscribers. At the bottom of this newsletter they have a picture spotlight, hehe. And a couple months ago I submitted my photo of Minerva Adamson and the weekend of the 4th of July, she made it. I know to those that don't get the newsletter it's not as exciting but for me who is on there every week this is a major event.

Second, and this is just as exciting as the first if not more so....ok WAY more so. I had sent an email to what looked like a distant cousin a few months ago and last month he replied. So very exciting!! He is related through Ralph's brother Arthur who migrated with Ralph. Or maybe Ralph migrated with him. Well anyway I have been in contact with said cousin and through him one of Arthur's granddaughters, who remembers Arthur and Anna. They told me of a book that had a little excerpt in it regarding Arthur and Anna. So naturally I had to get this book for my own collection.

**Note from Laura: "said cousin" above is the grandson of Margaret Helen Adamson - the youngest daughter of Arthur & Anna**

So I emailed the Mondak Heritage Center which is located in Montana. And they had a copy of this book but also they had a number of obituaries concerning this family. So the nice lady from the Mondak Center emailed them and a copy of the page out of this book. While going over the obits, again hehe, I was able to verify something I have been trying to prove for over 6 months now. Ralph and Arthur mother's maiden name....Kathryn Yost (Kate Adamson). Now maybe I will be able to find Kathryn and her family. This is so exciting for my research. And now maybe I can take our line that way. :)

So out of all that not only was I able to prove a key point in my work but I have made contact with more family. So very exciting!! Arthur's granddaughter lives in Montana so maybe I will be able to stop in and see her soon. But if not they all want to come to next year's family reunion. So everyone needs to start making plans to attend next year. :)

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Steven and Danielle Adamson
Mindy, Laura, Steven

The Soares: Matt, Sarah, Casey, Jennifer, Laura, Ahrianna, Natasha

Family Reunion 2010

View from the pool
Richard, Mindy, Lyle
Water Volleyball: Jody, Eric, Selena, Sarah
Talking it over
THE COOKS: Jason, Eric, Steven
Holy Smokes...has it really been almost 2 months since my last post. Goodness, but I am behind lol. Well let's see A LOT has happened since then but well I am going to keep you in suspense until later this weekend....bahahaha. But lets see here something pretty cool did take place that I want to share with you all...the Family Reunion. Oh my gosh but it was so much fun. Even for the kids, whom most spent in the pool and ended up red.

It was so awesome for me to finally, yes finally after all this time get to meet Laura face to face. And her family, whoo, what a bunch of cuties....yes that includes you Matt. lol. We all started filtering in around 10 in the morning and boy did the time fly, because the next thing I know it 9:00. Wow we were tired when we got back to Fallon. Steven and his wife, Danielle (really hope I just didn't butcher the spelling) also came all the way from Oregon. Just to meet this crazy group of people they know get to call family.

Let's see well we talked, we ate, we talked some more, oh ya then we ate some Ok enough with the are the pictures. (P.S. It is totally my moms, hehe, fault that we didn't get a group shot this year. I don't know what she was thinking....again hehe) But got some good candids.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Minerva Mulford-Adamson

The story behind this picture is actually pretty cool. A school teacher was collecting old picture frames and had a friend that had some that she thought she'd be interested in. The people that had this picture didn't really know who she was and let it go with the frame. The teacher just couldn't bring herself to let the picture go, and held onto it for a few years. This teacher found me on and wanted to know if and how I was related to Minerva Adamson. When it finally got here in the mail was such an exciting day for me....probably the second most exciting day since I started my research.....sometime I'll tell you my most exciting day!! :)

John and Minerva Adamson

Wow...guys I can't believe that it has been almost a whole month since I have updated this. So sorry it's been crazy around my house trying to get the end of school stuff going and getting ready for this craZy summer. Don't forget that the family reunion is coming up soon. If you want information about it and you didn't receive a flyer please email Laura or me. :)

Ok well on we I said before I am still working on Kate's parents and sadly that hasn't changed any still searching. I have undertaken to scan all of the Adamson-Pattee pictures that I have into the computer so I can clean them up and make them ready for if anyone wants digital copies. So thus I haven't had time to delve any further into Kate's past but no fear I am hoping to work on it this summer some more. :)

So John Adamson was born to parents John and Minerva Adamson. John Adamson Sr. was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, that is as much as I know about the beginning of John's life. I have been unable to find where he was born or his parents. I do know that eventually he made his way up the Tioga River and settled in Steuben County. I have not found anything to suggest that he migrated with his parents but on the other hand I haven't found anything to disprove that either. So John's beginning is a mystery for now. So he settles in Steuben County where he meets Miss Minerva Mulford....the doctors daughter.

Minerva H. Mulford was born 24 July 1805 in what is now Lindley, New York. The Proud Parents were Dr. Ezekiel Mulford and the Mrs. Nancy "Anna" Mulford. The Mulford's had 14 children. What an awesome household that must have been to grow up in! Much more to come on the Mulford's at a later date.

John and Minerva met and married sometime before 1836. They lived in Thurston, New York which was formed from Cameron, New York. They had John Jr. in 1836, followed by their son Mulford born in 1842, daughters Louisa in 1843 and Barentha Edith in 1846. As far as I can tell John was a farmer. I am not sure if he played any part in the opening and running of Adamson Steam Saw-Mill that was located in Campell. The mill was owned by John Jr. but maybe he got help from his father, that is speculation on my part. I like to think that maybe John would talk to his Father about the opening and running of the business. John Sr. died somtime before 1891.

The farther we go back in time the harder it is to find the information I am looking for to give a great description of our ancestors but I will keep looking so as the information gets smaller just remember that I am always looking. And sometimes out of the blue I come across the best piece of information that helps break through that brick wall.

Coming soon to a blog near you.....the story of Dr. & Mrs. Mulford.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

John and Kate

OK, All....I am so excited to tell you what I know about John and Kate (not plus 8, hehe) and what I have learned about them lately. First, I want to start with what I already told you about that wasn't complete. When telling the story of Ralph I said that he had one sister, Ida M., that I knew about. But I have been working on some stuff and I learned even more. They had one more sister her name was Leah. Here is why I didn't know about her before: she was born in 1881, which would mean she wasn't in the 1880 US Federal Census. And since most of the 1890 US Federal Census was burned in a fire, I didn't have that to go off. But I did find her in two places one in the 1900 US Federal Census and in Kate's obituary. So yay, for finding new I promise that there will be more to come on all of Ralph's siblings later. I think for now it's good to give you your direct line so you will understand stuff like how important Uri Mulford really was to our history. Well now that I have given you that good news I will go on to John and Kate's story.

John Adamson was born on 19 May 1836 in Steuben County to John and Minerva Adamson. The date I have is really an about date as I need to verify it a little more. John had one brother Mulford Adamson, and two sisters Louisa and Barentha. I will tell you this Barentha once she was about 8, I think, started going by her middle name Edith which I agree is a better I believe that at the time of his birth they lived somewhere around Thurston, New York. But with all things, I could be wrong....alright nobody tell my husband I just said that.

Kate is a little bit harder. I think she was born abt 1843 in New York. I also think her maiden name may have been Yost. But like with all women it's hard to research them unless you know there maiden name. I am working on verifying the last name of Yost.

Sometime before 1864 is when John and Kate married. I think they could have met in either Thurston or in Rathbone. John lived in Thurston in 1860 but could have moved to Rathbone and there met Kate or they could have gotten married and moved together. I will keep you updated if and when I get more information about this time in their lives.

By 1870, they were living in Rathbone, New York and had already had three of their children: Ida M., Arthur and Walter. They also had a farm of around 160 acres with a little more than half still being wooded. They had 2 horses, 4 milk cows, 5 cows, and 3 pigs. They grew wheat, Indian corn, oats, potatoes and hay. In 1873 they had Ralph, followed by their last daughter Leah in 1881. By 1891 they had started a lumber mill in Cameron, which was Rathbone, with about 100 acres. They had about 6 employees including Arthur and Ralph.

John died sometime around 1895 in Cameron. At the time of his death Leah would have only been about 14 years old. So Kate left alone with a child to support became a dress maker. Kate and Leah are living together in 1900 in Dunkirk, Chautaugua County, New York. Walter dies in 1909, how hard that must have been for her losing one of her children. By 1910 Leah is married and Kate being about 67 years old is living with her oldest daughter Ida M. Bailey in Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York.

Kate dies 29 Mar 1917 in Schenectady. She is survived by her two daughters and her two sons. I found her obituary, and it lists two sons living in North Dakota. This has been an important discovery because that means that Ralph was still alive in the first part of 1917. This little bit of information will hopefully help me find some clue in finding out the real story behind Ralph's disappearance. We were always under the impression that he disappeared in 1916 but now we know that maybe he was still alive then. I am ever looking for that one little piece of information that will help me figure out what happened to our Great Grandfather.

OK, so no news on my little pet project but as soon as I have more to report, I promise I will let you all in on my little secret. This will keep you all wondering and checking back often.....bahahaha. That's the way my twisted little mind works. :)

I wish that I knew more about the people themselves. Like what kind of personality they had, what was some of their experiences, how they interacted with each other. But I can only speculate that they were a loving family that lived in a hard time. Kate becoming a dress maker to me is fascinating. I am going to look more into that part of her life and see what kind of experiences she may have had trying to support her young daughter in a time in history when that was really hard for women. She lived 22 years after her husband died and never got remarried. I wonder was it true love they had for each other that she never had interest in another man. Or was she a bitter woman, past her prime in life that never attracted anyone. One can only wonder.......

"I am also an Adamson" Facebook group

I just created a group on Facebook for us - not really sure why, it just sounded like a fun thing to do! See the page HERE. It is an open group - please invite those that are related and feel free to post pictures!

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Ok Adamson's....Uri Mulford was inducted into the Steuben County Hall of Fame this week. And Kitty posted pictures on their blog. So click on the link to the side and go see what she has to say. He is a cousin distance somewhere being like 3rd cousin to Ralph Henry. I promise that I will get to him soon.

I will be working this weekend on getting John and Kate Adamson's story told. Watch for it because I have some good news. Such exciting news coming up. Too much to get into today....

Also hopefully by then I will be able to tell you about another little project I have been working on....that includes my Dad. Let's just say, if he ever goes missing or commits a crime we have something of his that will be That's for all you tv crime buffs out there. :)

Hope you all have a good rest of the week.

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Pictures of Nina and Chester Hammond

Nina and Chester are buried in Harrison, MT

Nina and Chester are on the right hand side. I am not completely sure who the others are, maybe Florence and her daughter Thelma??

Nina and Chester Hammond at their home in Pony, MT

Nina Mae Coen

Nina Mae Coen was born in Wisconsin on April 17, 1879 to parents Levi Carlton Coen and (some dispute this fact) Sarah Anna Wood. There is some question as to Nina's mother being Sarah Anna but I believe (with good documentation) that she was. Nina had one sister Maud S Coen who died at the young age of 6. She had one brother named Claud Carlton. And then half siblings Ray and Roy Coen, and William C. Coen. There may have been more brothers and sisters I am still working on them. Nina's mother, Anna, died when she was just 3 years old.

At the age of 15 Nina married John Hower. There is another connection with the Hower's but again I am still working on them. Nina and John had a daughter Florence. By 1900, when Nina was just 22 her and Florence, who was 2 at the time, were living back with her father, Levi. Levi having moved to Minnesota by this time. I believe it was in the next two-three years that she met Ralph Henry.

After Ralph Henry disappeared in 1916, I lose track of her till 1930. I believe that around 1923 she met and married Chester Hammond. Florence was grown and married by the time that Ralph disappeared. Doug and Goldie go to live with her half brother William C. Coen. Which just left Bill and Buster at home with her. Both were gone by 1930. Bill having left to go to Columbia and Buster finding work on a farm. Chester and Nina met in Montana and that's where they lived out their years.

Toward the end of their life they lived in Pony, Montana. Some of the grandkids have memories of going to see them at their home. Chester never had any children of his own. But enjoyed his step-granddaughter Ronee Adamson. I guess the boys were too rowdy for him. Chester fought in WWI, which is where I think he lost his leg. At the end of their life they were both placed in nursing homes in Enos, Montana. Nina died March 19, 1963 and Chester the same year. Either right before or right after Nina passed away their small home in Pony was vandalized. One of the things taken was the contents of Nina's hope chest. I shudder to think of her personal items being taken with no thought as to the precious memories lost to her and her family. I am almost glad that she did not know as I am sure she would have been heartbroken that family treasures there were taken. And that her home had been so brutalized.

I am not sure when the Coen Family Bible was passed on to Bill but it is one treasure that wasn't stolen. My dad, Bob Adamson, is the current owner of that familly jewel. My dad gave me the opportunity to copy the pages that were filled out in the Bible. What a valuable treasure I have found it to be. Anyone wishing copies of these precious pages please feel free to ask.

I am continuing my search to the missing years of Nina. I think that between the years 1916 and 1920 she moved to Montana. I presume this only. She could have moved later but my belief is that she did so between those years. As I find missing information I will update you all here. She was a facinating women, with lots of hardship. I can only imagine the pain she went through leaving one husband and then losing another to mysterious means, in a time when women depended on men for their survival. She had 6 children, grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren, that she loved deeply. And I am sure they brought her great comfort.

There is more information to get out there it is just a matter of time.

Uri Mulford

I found a book on Amazon authored by Uri Mulford. It's titled:

Settlement of Steuben County, New York: A sketch of early times

Go HERE to take a look! I also found that the entire text can be viewed for FREE, thanks to the New York State Historical Literature site! Go HERE to see the full text. Caution: My computer had no problem with this but the site does warn that some of the downloads on their site may be very big. Probably don't want to try it if you have dial up!

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Hello from Mindy

Hello all,

Wow, I have to confess I was a little worried that no one would be interested in our blog but the feedback I have gotten so far....well, ROCKS. :) Thank you all for your support in Laura and I's dream.

I posted some pictures of Nina and the kids. I will post more as I get them scanned. I have undertaken to scan all of Bill & Wavel's pictures into the computer to make them more available for my family. So I will definitely have some good ones soon. If you see one a picture that you want a copy of (or more) let me know. If anyone has any pictures they would like to contribute please get in touch with me. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. LOL...I guess what I am trying to say is get in touch with me....

Also, I have been in contact with the Lindley Town Historian in Steuben County. Kitty Pierce has given me so much info that I am so excited to share with you all. Starting with the induction of our distant cousin, Uri Mulford, into the Steuben County Hall of Fame. This is a big deal! I will post pictures of Uri later this week and talk a little bit more about him. And give a brief explanation of how he is related. Very exciting stuff.....

She also wanted to know if I would add their blog to ours, so you all can see some of where we come from. Lindley is important to our history as the town is named after our ancestor Colonel Eleazer Lindsley. When the town was made there was a clerical error which is why the "s" was left out. I will add it to the side. So check it out. I go there often..... It's a great blog.

I plan on posting Nina's story soon, so keep coming back often. Hope you all have a great day!!

Nina and the Kids

Nina and Chester Hammond and Goldie in the background
Bill, Robert, Wavel, Lyle, and Richard Adamson

Douglas Henry (laura's grandfather) and Dorothy Augusta (Kelsey) Adamson

Nina Mae and Florence

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ralph Henry Adamson

Ralph Henry Adamson and Nina Mae Coen are Laura and mine connecting ancestors. Let's start with Ralph because for me he started it all. I just needed to know more about him and it spiraled from there. I think if it wasn't for Ralph's story, Laura and I probably wouldn't have met.

Ralph Henry was born in Rathbone, Steuben County, New York in abt 1873. He was born to John Adamson and Kate. In Steuben County, Ralph was surrounded by family. I am sure that he had cousins galore there. John Adamson owned and operated a lumber mill and a farm in Steuben County. Ralph worked there with his brother Arthur, whom we will learn more about later. He had two other siblings a sister named Ida M. and a brother named Walter G. I believe sometime in his late teens, early twenties he migrated with his brother Arthur out of New York. They went west. I am not sure where exactly he met Nina Mae (I am still working on the specifics). But by 1905 he had made it to Hagali, Minnesota. Since Nina was from Wisconsin and had been living in Minnesota with her first husband, John Hower. I have strong feelings this is where they met. I am pretty sure that they married sometime between 1900 and 1903.

Nina Mae had a daughter from her previous marriage, Florence. As far as I can tell Ralph raised Florence as his own. I am unsure the extent of involvment from her biological father. In 1903, Ralph and Nina had a son Elmer. Elmer died at the young age of 9, unknown causes. He was born in Minnesota and died in North Dakota. Before getting to North Dakota though they lived in South Dakota. Where they had two more children: Douglas Henry b. abt 1903-1905 and Goldie (May?) b. abt 1906. They then moved to Keffler, McKenzie, North Dakota around 1910. Somewhere on a little homestead near there Nina gave birth to Walter John "Buster" Adamson. Buster as he was known to everyone was born 5 Jun 1910. Then on 21 May 1912 they had their youngest son Kenneth Vern "Bill". Bill was born in Beach, Golden Valley, North Dakota.

The reason I find Ralph so intriguing is because in 1916 he disappeared. There are numerous family stories as to what happened to him. One thing I am almost positive about is that he didn't "walk out" on his family. In those days, that sort of stuff happened but I don't believe that that is what happened with Ralph. Many have different versions of the same story though, that he went to work and just didn't come home. I am currently in the process of trying to find newspaper articles or anything that might aid me in my search for the truth of what happened to Ralph. I will keep you undated as I find information. One such rumor was that he was living in Sun Valley, NV in the 1960's. While there was a Ralph Adamson living there at that time, I have proved that it was not our Ralph Adamson. I know that not knowing haunted my grandfather, Kenneth or Bill as he was known to family. He thought about going to Sun Valley to see but decided that if it was his father he had made the choice to leave them. I wish I could have reassured him and his siblings that that was not the case. But what did happen?????

I will be posting pictures of Nina and the kids soon. I don't have any pictures of Ralph though. What a find that would be! As far as I can tell any pictures there might have been of Ralph was stolen from Nina shortly before or immediately after she died. Watch for Nina's story soon also. Then I think I will touch on the kids before going back farther.

Just for general information: Douglas Henry is Laura's Grandfather, and Bill is mine.

Hello from Mindy

Genealogy Genuis.....(blush). Well I don't know about that but it sure is fun stuff to do. I am so excited for this blog. And am hoping for interaction from all our family. The more I hear from you, the more I compile. I am hoping to someday have enough to write a book on our wonderful family. Like Laura said we are from Steuben County, New York. I am hoping to share all I have learned with you all. Such wonderful history we have. We come from a famous Colonel that fought with General Washington and General LaFayette. Colonel Eleazer Lindsley is the farthest I have made it but only for the time being. I however think I will start closer to us and to give everyone a good idea of who we are. And so we all know a little bit more about the people closest to us.

I will be, eventually, posting a link to a full description of our family tree. Which is quite large. I am unable to put it all on the blog at one time.

Please if you see something that is wrong, don't hesitate to let one of us know. And we will work to find the truth. I have a lot of information and am sure there are mistakes in there. Genealogy is long process that takes lots of work and time. I try to verify all my information where possible. But even some of my resources have mistakes in them.

I don't have pictures for a lot of the people that I will talking about. But I hope you still enjoy the history that comes with each telling. I appreciate anything anyone may be able to contribute. Like Laura said let one of us know. I hope that you all enjoy this blog as much as we are going to enjoy creating it for you.

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We are Laura and Mindy - distant cousins. Mindy lives in Nevada, I live in California. We found each other on a genealogy site and have become good friends! Mindy is our genealogy genius, I like to blog.....together we hope to create a one-stop place to share our Adamson family information, post pictures, plan reunions, etc. If you think you may be related, please leave a comment so we (I mean, Mindy) can research it! Please follow us and visit often!!

How many super-cool people have stopped by?