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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ok Adamson's....Uri Mulford was inducted into the Steuben County Hall of Fame this week. And Kitty posted pictures on their blog. So click on the link to the side and go see what she has to say. He is a cousin distance somewhere being like 3rd cousin to Ralph Henry. I promise that I will get to him soon.

I will be working this weekend on getting John and Kate Adamson's story told. Watch for it because I have some good news. Such exciting news coming up. Too much to get into today....

Also hopefully by then I will be able to tell you about another little project I have been working on....that includes my Dad. Let's just say, if he ever goes missing or commits a crime we have something of his that will be That's for all you tv crime buffs out there. :)

Hope you all have a good rest of the week.

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  1. are you DNA testing? come on....tell me...


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