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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nina Mae Coen

Nina Mae Coen was born in Wisconsin on April 17, 1879 to parents Levi Carlton Coen and (some dispute this fact) Sarah Anna Wood. There is some question as to Nina's mother being Sarah Anna but I believe (with good documentation) that she was. Nina had one sister Maud S Coen who died at the young age of 6. She had one brother named Claud Carlton. And then half siblings Ray and Roy Coen, and William C. Coen. There may have been more brothers and sisters I am still working on them. Nina's mother, Anna, died when she was just 3 years old.

At the age of 15 Nina married John Hower. There is another connection with the Hower's but again I am still working on them. Nina and John had a daughter Florence. By 1900, when Nina was just 22 her and Florence, who was 2 at the time, were living back with her father, Levi. Levi having moved to Minnesota by this time. I believe it was in the next two-three years that she met Ralph Henry.

After Ralph Henry disappeared in 1916, I lose track of her till 1930. I believe that around 1923 she met and married Chester Hammond. Florence was grown and married by the time that Ralph disappeared. Doug and Goldie go to live with her half brother William C. Coen. Which just left Bill and Buster at home with her. Both were gone by 1930. Bill having left to go to Columbia and Buster finding work on a farm. Chester and Nina met in Montana and that's where they lived out their years.

Toward the end of their life they lived in Pony, Montana. Some of the grandkids have memories of going to see them at their home. Chester never had any children of his own. But enjoyed his step-granddaughter Ronee Adamson. I guess the boys were too rowdy for him. Chester fought in WWI, which is where I think he lost his leg. At the end of their life they were both placed in nursing homes in Enos, Montana. Nina died March 19, 1963 and Chester the same year. Either right before or right after Nina passed away their small home in Pony was vandalized. One of the things taken was the contents of Nina's hope chest. I shudder to think of her personal items being taken with no thought as to the precious memories lost to her and her family. I am almost glad that she did not know as I am sure she would have been heartbroken that family treasures there were taken. And that her home had been so brutalized.

I am not sure when the Coen Family Bible was passed on to Bill but it is one treasure that wasn't stolen. My dad, Bob Adamson, is the current owner of that familly jewel. My dad gave me the opportunity to copy the pages that were filled out in the Bible. What a valuable treasure I have found it to be. Anyone wishing copies of these precious pages please feel free to ask.

I am continuing my search to the missing years of Nina. I think that between the years 1916 and 1920 she moved to Montana. I presume this only. She could have moved later but my belief is that she did so between those years. As I find missing information I will update you all here. She was a facinating women, with lots of hardship. I can only imagine the pain she went through leaving one husband and then losing another to mysterious means, in a time when women depended on men for their survival. She had 6 children, grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren, that she loved deeply. And I am sure they brought her great comfort.

There is more information to get out there it is just a matter of time.

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