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Saturday, July 24, 2010


OK all, here is a little update on what's been going on with my research. First, (and this is very cool to me) has a weekly newsletter that goes out to its subscribers. At the bottom of this newsletter they have a picture spotlight, hehe. And a couple months ago I submitted my photo of Minerva Adamson and the weekend of the 4th of July, she made it. I know to those that don't get the newsletter it's not as exciting but for me who is on there every week this is a major event.

Second, and this is just as exciting as the first if not more so....ok WAY more so. I had sent an email to what looked like a distant cousin a few months ago and last month he replied. So very exciting!! He is related through Ralph's brother Arthur who migrated with Ralph. Or maybe Ralph migrated with him. Well anyway I have been in contact with said cousin and through him one of Arthur's granddaughters, who remembers Arthur and Anna. They told me of a book that had a little excerpt in it regarding Arthur and Anna. So naturally I had to get this book for my own collection.

**Note from Laura: "said cousin" above is the grandson of Margaret Helen Adamson - the youngest daughter of Arthur & Anna**

So I emailed the Mondak Heritage Center which is located in Montana. And they had a copy of this book but also they had a number of obituaries concerning this family. So the nice lady from the Mondak Center emailed them and a copy of the page out of this book. While going over the obits, again hehe, I was able to verify something I have been trying to prove for over 6 months now. Ralph and Arthur mother's maiden name....Kathryn Yost (Kate Adamson). Now maybe I will be able to find Kathryn and her family. This is so exciting for my research. And now maybe I can take our line that way. :)

So out of all that not only was I able to prove a key point in my work but I have made contact with more family. So very exciting!! Arthur's granddaughter lives in Montana so maybe I will be able to stop in and see her soon. But if not they all want to come to next year's family reunion. So everyone needs to start making plans to attend next year. :)

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